Bringing our small community together one event at a time!




A Non-Profit Organization, the Stanwood & Camano Merchant’s Committee, was formed to promote family focused gatherings in our community and helping those in need. Each year, new age entertainment, including dances, children’s events, dog parties, etc will be brought to our area! Please message us with any ideas as we are a new committee looking to cater to your needs.

KenzieRealty and One A Chord have teamed up to create the Stanwood & Camano Merchant’s Committee. After selling Katie and Scott Shrock their home in Stanwood, Kenzie Kipper, a Camano Island local real estate broker at Kelly Right Real Estate of Seattle LLC, reached out to the Shrocks to  see if they wanted to throw a dance party. Kenzie had dreams of her children dancing with their friends and children of their community. As owners of One A Chord, a music academy relocating from Monroe, WA to Stanwood, WA, it was obvious to Kenzie that the Shrock’s were destined to see this vision through with her.

If you are interested in participating in our events, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Bringing our small community together one event at a time!