Charity Event

Kon Mari Inspired Decluttering and Community Exchange!

We are please to announce a new program and invite you to join us! With our busy lives, keeping our homes organized and decluttered is a struggle, but once done, is a breath of fresh air! If you have a home that needs tidying up, we have a plan for you!

Marie Kondo wrote a best selling book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. She explains how to declutter and organize your home effectively and efficiently. The hardest part is the decision to do this! The second hardest part is reading the whole book before you begin! Once you are on board, it is a very exciting process! We recommend you read this book now before our first exchange to ensure you properly declutter your home. 🙂 The book and audible version is available online! Check for information and locations to buy the book.

We will be meeting at One A-Chord Academy at 26930 94th Dr NW, Stanwood, WA every couple of months to exchange and donate! Bring items that do not bring you joy and see if you can find a replacement by trading your items at our KonMari Exchange! Any remaining items will be donated to local families in need. 🙂

Next Exchange:

We hope you see you and much of our community there! Please spread the word! 🙂